BabyRobot: Child-Robot Communication and Collaboration

Edutainment, Behavioural Modelling and Cognitive Development in Typically Developing and Autistic Spectrum Children

The crowning achievement of human communication is our unique ability to share intentionality, create and... more

I-SUPPORT: ICT-supported bath robots

The I-SUPPORT project envisions the development and integration of an innovative, modular, ICT-supported service robotic system that supports and enhances frail older adults’ motion and force abilities and assists them in successfully, safely and... more

MOBOT: Intelligent Active MObility Aid RoBOT integrating Multimodal Communication, Proactive Autonomy and Adaptive Interaction

Mobility disabilities are prevalent in our ageing society and impede activities important for the independent living of elderly people and their quality of life. The MOBOT project aims at supporting mobility and thus enforcing fitness and... more