Leg tracking and gait analysis database (LTGAD)

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The LTGAD (Leg Tracking and Gait Analysis in 2D range data) database includes data provided by a 2D laser scanner on a smart walker maneuvered by real patients over 65 years old.
The dataset consists of the coordinates of the scanned points of the patient’s legs, as well as the coordinates of the extracted leg centers for every scanned frame, with all
coordinates being relative to the laser scanner’s position. The LTGAD database also comprises gait analysis data, which consist of the coordinates of the scanned points of the
patient’s legs and the extracted gait state for every scanned frame. Additionally to the real-life data, computer generated data trying to imitate a hypothetical laser scanner and
patient have been developed and are also included in the dataset. The leg centers and gait states were extracted by a VICON motion capture system that was used during
the experiments, with markers placed on specific areas of the patient’s body. This database was used for the training, validation and testing of the LTGADnet. It consists of around 33000 frames for each of the Leg Tracking and Gait Analysis and has a size of 5.5GB approximately.

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For more information or details regarding the dataset contact:

Danai Efstathiou, Electrical and Computer Engineering

National Technical University of Athens


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