Microphone array speech processing


We are working on microphone array processing and distant speech recognition, aiming to create hands-free, voice-enabled interfaces for home automation control. The user will be able to control appliances and perform actions without having to move from his/her place, by using their voice. For this purpose, microphone array processing is employed, with microphones placed on walls and ceiling. Our research is focused on acoustic speaker localization, voice activity detection, acoustic event detection, speech enhancement/beamforming, activation keyword spotting and distant speech recognition. We have also collected a distant speech database in Greek that is publicly available: ATHENA database




Some of our tools are publicly available via GitHub:

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We have collected a real distant speech corpus in Greek that is publicly available.
The description and reference for the database is:

  • A. Tsiami, I. Rodomagoulakis, P. Giannoulis, A. Katsamanis, G. Potamianos and P. Maragos,
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    For more information visit: ATHENA database