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Flokas, Lampros; Maragos, Petros

Online Wideband Spectrum Sensing Using Sparsity Journal Article

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 12 (1), pp. 35–44, 2018, ISSN: 19324553.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: cognitive radio, LMS, signal processing, sparse representations | Links: pdf link imagedoi link image


Katsamanis, A; Papandreou, G; Pitsikalis, V; Maragos, P

Multimodal fusion by adaptive compensation for feature uncertainty with application to audiovisual speech recognition Conference

Proc. 14th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO-2006), Florence, Italy, Sep. 2006, 2006, ISBN: 22195491 (ISSN).

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: Adaptive compensation, Audio visual speech recognition, Complementary features, Environmental conditions, Feature measurement, Feature uncertainty, Measurement Noise, Multi-modal fusion, Multiple streams, Probabilistic framework, signal processing, speech recognition, Uncertainty analysis | Links: pdf link image


Santhanam, B; Maragos, P

Demodulation of discrete multicomponent AM-FM signals using periodic algebraic separation and energy demodulation Conference

1997 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 3 , 1997, ISSN: 1520-6149.

Abstract | BibTeX | Tags: amplitude modulation, Demodulation, discrete multicomponent AM-FM signals, discrete time systems, energy demodulation, energy-based methods, Frequency, frequency modulation, Least squares approximation, Maximum likelihood detection, monocomponent demodulation, multicomponent AM-FM demodulation algorithms, Narrowband, nonlinear algorithm, PASED, periodic algebraic separation, periodic algebraic separation and energy demodulat, periodicity-based algebraic separation, signal processing, spectral separation | Links: pdf link imagedoi link image