Robotics II: Intelligent Robotic Systems

Analysis of Integrated Robotic Systems: control architectures, task modeling and planning, robot programming and supervision, robot sensing. Dexterous Robot Manipulation: redundant robot manipulators, cooperating robots, dexterous robot hands, kinematic/static analysis and control,... more

Robotics I: Analysis - Control - Laboratory

Introduction to Robotics: Technological aspects, types of robots, application areas. Kinematic, static and dynamic analysis of robotic manipulators. Trajectory planning and control of robots. Linear local joint PID control, nonlinear computed-torque control, force/impedance control and hybrid... more

Circuit Theory

Electric circuits, models and circuit elements. Generalized formulation of Kirchhoff's laws, graph theory, node analysis, loop analysis, tableau analysis, modified node analysis, state equations. Network functions, poles and zeros, equivalent representations, controllability, observability,... more